About atopie

L’Atopie textuelle est une cause qui se perd (Textual Atopia : A lost cause) is an artistic manoeuvre taking place simultaneously both on the planet  Earth and on the planet Web. It was launched on December 21, 2000 in Québec City. The participants are invited to circulate from hand to hand around the world metal objects which have come from a perforated sculpture. There are 476 of these round flattened “discs”. Participants register on the Web and send in a small digital production  (sound, image, text, or video), which testifies to their involvement in the project. The accumulation of these documents will constitute a data base which will be set in a random, continuously updated motion. One of the aspects of the project intends to create a “collective work in motion” from the totality of these individual productions. This work will be seen on the Web as well as in physical reality. In navigating the meanders of this site, you will encounter sculpture, and deconstructed text which will need to be put back together, as well as innumerable sound, visual, and textual productions. These will be the history and memory of each disc and of the entire Atopie  – the state of the atopie in permanent modulation.


Note : Correspondance en français, anglais ou allemand seulement. Merci. Mail only in French, English or German. Thank you. Korrespondenz bitte nur auf Französisch, Englisch oder Deutsch. Danke. You can participate in this maoeuvre by becoming a disc-bearer. Please click here to registrate.