Opening the Facebook page

Finally l’Atopie textuelle wakes up. This is a first activity¬† the the new site of l’Atopie that will open this fall. Here is a first activity for the opening of the new site which will be held in the fall. We are in the process of revamping the site of the Atopie. To do this, we need the atopists to reactivate their disc. Please click here.

Those who have never had a disc can still get one. There are some rare pieces that have never been delivered. Just ask for it.

Meanwhile, those who reside in Quebec are invited to go for a stroll in the park of the University of Quebec, Charest-de la Couronne. Like a compass, the four plates of the Atopie point to the the four cardinal points.

And you can upload productions today, they will appear on the new site.